beutiful people part 1

not so savory
diff. partner every night, alcoholic outside(c)
Well, in this post i'll represent,what famous people I can name ''beautiful'' (for me, of course)
Let's go!

Hmmm... Let it be ladies, firstly)

:heart:Keeeeira Knightley... I am really fond or Britains... She is so adorable.. If a was a boy, I see her in my erotic dreams haha)

:heart:Mary-Kate Olsen

Oh,she is a great ''source'' of modern inspiration! her style is absolutely amazing and crazy, it is full of dirrerent details and designers desicions.She fucks off others views, and i share a respect to her for it. I remember, when I was a little girl, I loved Olsen's films) In America M-k is an acctress, a designer and a fashion icon.

:heart:Ashley Olsen

Her style is a lot calmer than M-K, but it also attracts me. It is absolutely consider, but not boring. She can mix classic clothes and expensive designer things, sport wear and vintage as well M-K does it. Anyway, Ashley has a strong character, she can take right descisions and she is a smart business women.

:heart: Kaya Scoleradio
Oh British, too. She is only 17, but I get the impression that that girl will achive many high results. She is very attractive, her bright blue eyes are like hypnose.

Sienna Miller

British again.(haha) I fond of her own appearence - blond hair, blue eyes and skin. She is a really sunny person)) I really like her style at clothes, too. Of course, it is a look of British streets:inlove: Unfortunately, this time I have no to say about her actress talent... But i am going to look some films, I promise)

:heart:Gia Mary Karanji
First American model, first momen, whom was ill AIDS. She was absolutely fantastic person, she works on her own, everyone wants her, she was a lesbian and love only one women, she takes drugs... Unfortunately, she was extremely lonely, she dies at the age of 24.

For the 1 time, it is over, but I see beautiful girls all around me, and they are not stars... I feel their beauty. It is strong, and it will attracts you, inevatibly.

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2010-06-01 в 09:38 

not so savory oh yes, they are very beautiful ^^
i adore british, their culture, their girls, their music...! :)