not so savory
diff. partner every night, alcoholic outside(c)
I come back as far as you can see.
I was passing a lot time with my mum... It sounds strange, but I liked it. She is 50 years old, but looks great for her age,she like a littke girl: very funny :*
I have some photos from my travel, bot I am too lazy to post it there.
U can watch them vkontakte soon.
Yesterday we had a alco-trip party :D
I saw Alice and Olya, and It is a great time.
AAAAAl town smoked, people can't see anything througt it. GOD SMOKES THIS WORLD :D
I believe, that your pass this summer quite good, despite the weather)
goodluck :*

2010-07-31 в 17:21 

wow) you`re here again! i missed youuu ^^
happy you`ve got a great summer.
my mom is a true little girl, too :D